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Implementing Restorative Practices in schools can result in: a reduction in exclusions, improvement in attainment, a more positive school learning environment, and promotion of emotional literacy. 


Space2face offers a range of training and professional development options for school staff and students. These can either be the first steps towards creating a restorative school or as ongoing and refresher training for those that are already implementing restorative practices within the school community. We also tailor courses to fit your specific requirements - please get in touch.


We run three courses in Restorative Practices of different lengths that are suitable for teams and workplaces  - as professional development, or as a lifeskill.

Creative anger management course

Help or Harm? A Creative Anger management course is an eight session course using the arts and creativity to gain a better understanding of our feelings, particularly anger.

Criminal Justice

Space2face carries out individual Restorative Justice work with clients involved in the criminal justice system. This can be a current or previous involvement.

Youth Justice

Space2face carries out individual or group Restorative Justice work with young people referred to us through the Children’s Reporter, the police, or through schools, and social work departments.

Restorative circles

A restorative circle is a respectful opportunity for people to talk through honestly an incident of harm. The circle creates an environment where everyone is equal and has the same opportunity as everyone else to speak and to be heard.

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