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Other ways to help

Give in celebration

If you've got a birthday or anniversary coming up, why not ask your loved ones to donate to Space2face instead of buyung presents. You can set up a Facebook fundraiser if you have a Facebook account or simply create an online giving page where you can send the link to those you'd like to ask. 

No fees — 100% of donations directly to Space2face Shetland

Facebook does not charge any fees to you or to us. All the funds you raise will go directly towards helping us to provide services and support for those affected by crime or conflict. 

How to set up a Facebook fundraiser

Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is very simple but incredibly effective. Follow this simple step by step guide on how to create your own fundraiser. Space2face Shetland is a non-profit so make sure you select this option. 


Support through your business

There are many ways in which you can support Space2face Shetland through your business.  We work with businesses of all sizes to build the best partnerships are not only mutually beneficial, but they’re also deeply integrated across our partners’ businesses.  We tailor each partnership to the individual business and the impact they want to make. We’re always looking for inventive ways to work with companies so plesae do get in touch if you think you can help. 

Our most pressing needs are for the use of a regular meeting space where we can meet and work with clients (in a post Covid-19 world) that offers discretion and privacy. 


Much of the work we do is centrered around the arts and as a result, we are always buying 


Supplies gifted for the projects we do.


Every donation counts 

A legacy of care 

It's so important to have a valid and up-to-date Will. It's the only way you can ensure your loved ones are cared for and your lasting wishes are honoured. Your first consideration is to provide for your family and friends, but you could also make a real difference to future generations of Shetlanders by leaving a gift in your Will to Space2face Shetland.


Space2face Shetland offers encouragement, support and reassurance to both the Person Harmed and Person Responsible for the crime or conflict and you could help ensure our legacy of care. 

If you'd like to include us in your Will, we'd be so grateful. You do not need to tell us if you have left us a gift and please be assured that there is no gift too small. Supporting Space2face by including us in your will can help us ensure our future and achieve our goal of a restorative Shetland. 

Information for executors, solicitors and those handling an estate

We'd be very grateful if you could communicate with us about any bequests by email or post. Thank you for your help in ensuring wishes to create a better future are met as smoothly as possible.

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