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Youth Justice

Space2face carries out individual or group Restorative Justice work with young people referred to us through the Children’s Reporter, the police, or through schools, and social work departments. Informed parental/ carer consent is sought for all our work with young people under the age of 16, and we hold an initial meeting with parents/ carers and the young person, prior to any work commencing.


We work with all those involved in the situation of harm in a three-stage process - this is most usually the young person responsible for causing harm, and the person, business, or organisation harmed by them (victim), but it can also involve the families, friends and communities of all those involved. In separate meetings with all participants, we look at:

  • the Facts - what happened,

  • the Consequences of what happened, and finally

  • the Future - what everyone needs to be able to move on in a safer way.


This work can lead to a joint meeting between all involved, but only if agreed and judged as safe. We also facilitate indirect meetings where it is not possible (or safe) for everyone to meet face to face. 


If there have been incidents where several people have been involved in either being harmed or have worked together to cause harm, we are able to work through the same restorative process as outlined above using group work.

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