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Read what people have to say about using Space2face Shetland

'I found the Space2face journey very rewarding from both a personal & professional perspective, the process was well-structured and created a safe environment for all involved for maximum success. I hope to continue this working relationship going for the foreseeable future.'

- Person Harmed 

This plate was designed by the Person Responsible which was gifted to the People Harmed at Tesco Lerwick as part of the joint meeting. The plate on a staff training room wall in Tesco.

S2F Plate.jpg

'This is part of a much bigger piece that I made in an attempt to restore relations between myself and other family members. The finished piece of weaving was cut and sent to the relevant people. The idea behind this was that each piece represents something of the individual’s personality, so that when it is pieced together again, will form a whole.  Making this gift helped me reconcile what had happened, helped me see things from other people’s perspective and I am hopeful that one day soon, the weaving can be stitched back together again to form a complete unit.


Alyson and Clair supported me through some very dark times and I can never thank them enough. The work they do is invaluable and does make a difference.

- Person Responsible


I just wanted to take this moment to put on record my incredible thanks to yourself [Clair] and Alyson for your help, support and kindship over the past 10 months. If anybody had told me a year ago that I would be looking back on this experience positively and with fondness, I'd have asked them what their next joke would be. It was very difficult a year ago to think of anything positive that may have come from any of this, but yet a year on I feel many things, including happiness, fulfilment, achievement, and that I have managed to, with a big help from all involved, turn what was definitely a negative for all involved into something that people may be able to use as a learning tool for the future. And I definitely would not have achieved any of that had it not been for yourself [Clair], Alyson, and the social worker. I cannot thank any of you more for supporting me through this and allowing me to grow as a person and be a voice for the better as opposed to for the worst.


What could have easily been the worst experiences of my life have turned out to be some of the most transformative and helpful

- Person Responsible

Apology book.jpg

'Having something to do, whilst speaking about difficult experiences, was enormously cathartic, resulting in more honest and unguarded conversations. You are not thrust into this at the beginning; Clair and Alyson take time to hear your story, build trust and understanding, so that when you do start to create something, you know you are in safe hands and open to all creative possibilities.' - Person Harmed


'The bench replaced the pain and harm caused' 

Person Harmed

'This [Space2face] is far harder than going to prison.' - Person Responsbile

Garden bench.jpg
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